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2016.... to date!

It was recently pointed out that I’ve been fairly remiss in the monthly updates of late: which is a true and fair observation! However, 2016 started with such a fizz and a bang (with the momentum only increasing since January)  that I’m rather surprised to find that we’re here at the end of April. 

So, I've compiled a snapshot of some of the highlights, projects and accomplishments that have been happening out of the Narrative office (oh yeah, that's all changed as well - more details below!). 

1. We launched Narrative: the next step from freelancing on my own! 


(There's a bit of a story here, which I think is actually it's own post: so, for now, suffice to say that there is a team of us working, collaborating and contracting together to build campaigns, for good.)  Watch this space! 


2. I moved into Quad Coworking

Rob Henderson + Jaya Gibson have taken on a new project: a sister coworking spot for C-Lab, if you will! So, I have relocated, along with the Narrative crew, a mere four blocks down the road. After a pretty serious DIY job over the summer to bring it up to scratch, the space is now looking great. Shameless pitch: if you're looking for somewhere to base yourself from, I'd highly recommend it! Check out the website for more info + pricing. 


3. We hosted the first Connection Collective evening

On the 15th March we hosted the inaugural ‪#‎connectioncollective‬ event, talking about "Professional" degrees. We talked about the challenge of a 'professional' career path, about challenges + successes and various sources of inspiration. The students heard from an engineer, a teacher, a lawyer & a doctor - and there were questions and discussion aplenty! The evening was a great success and we're about to announce details for May's event: watch this space! 


4. Serve for New Zealand 

Serve for New Zealand: Anzac Day was a huge collaborative pilot project between the Student Volunteer Army, the University of Canterbury, the RSA and a suite of supporting partners. At its core, it is about encouraging kiwis to give an hour of their time to help somebody else in their community, on important days in New Zealand history. 

Nearly 6,500 hours were pledged by over 4,400 individuals across the country - and we received endorsement and support from school children, community groups, Members of Parliament and even His Royal Highness, Prince Harry

We're still in debrief mode, but I'm so proud of the efforts of all involved to embed the ethos of service into our everyday lives. 

This is where the conversation started... 

This is where the conversation started... 

And this is where we ended up! 

And this is where we ended up! 

5. Applications are now open Winston Churchill Fellowships! 

Head to the website to have a read about the amazing opportunity to travel and connect with other experts in your field! Applications close on the 31st July '16. 

If you haven't heard of the Trust: 

Sir Winston Churchill believed that world peace and greater international understanding could be promoted through ordinary people travelling to other countries and experiencing other cultures.

Each year by awarding Churchill Fellowships, the WCMT provides ordinary New Zealanders with extraordinary opportunities.  Churchill Fellowships assist New Zealanders to travel overseas, to learn from others and study topics that will help them to increase their contribution to the community, and advance their trade, industry, profession or business. Fellows return to New Zealand with inspiration, new networks, and knowledge that supports and develops their leadership skills within their field of interest.

We'd love for you to get involved and apply! 


So, that's a bit of whirlwind tour through the past couple of months: with some topics flagged for further elaboration in the near future! Thanks to all of the amazing people who continue to offer support and wisdom - you know who you are! 

Bring on May! 


November, in review.