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Q: What happened in July?

A: ... Lots!

It's been an incredibly full-on month in my world (in the best way), with a lot of really good progress on various projects that I'm involved in. But, I'll cut to the chase.

1. The #chchbikeshare bikes arrived in town! 

It is so incredibly exciting to see this project come to fruition after all of the effort that has been put in to bringing this to Christchurch. Full credit goes to Rob for his tireless dedication in making this a reality; even when so many people doubted it would go the distance. 

It's been a great project to be involved in, and I'm hopeful that it's the start of something bigger for little ol' Christchurch. We're launching Friday 7th August; and it's been a definite highlight of the past month, seeing the past year come together. 

[A really useful piece was published on Cycling in Christchurch about how to use the bikes, and - shameless plug - if you haven't registered to use the bikes yet, head over to Spark Bikes to get yourself signed up!]

2. Busk-a-Thon: In support of Home & Family  

I wrote last month about Home & Family, one of the great causes that I'm privileged to volunteer for, on their Capital Fundraising Campaign. However, there's another piece to the story - on the 17th October, we're bringing a 24-hour busking event to Christchurch, in support of that very same campaign! 

24 hours: 24 venues, and 100% of all proceeds go to Home & Family.

We've just had a HUGE planning month with our very talented Committee, and we're getting really excited about what's to come. We're looking for performers, volunteers, spectators - you name it. The aim is to take Christchurch by storm from 10am Saturday - 10am Sunday; if you're interested in being a part of this, there's more information over here

3. Building a Pilot Programme

This one's a little bit secret-squirrel (hence the above); but it's so exciting, that I couldn't help but include it in my top 5 of the month. 

A colleague and I are building a prototype toolkit, that will help not-for-profit organisations. We're three-quarters of the way through the process; with the next month promising to see all of the pieces fit together. Hopefully we'll have more to share on this in the coming months.... Watch this space! 

4. The Arts Centre 

I'm always quick to say that being a Trustee on the Arts Centre's Trust Board for the past two years has been the most incredible experience. There are so many people invested within the site, and working to restore and remediate, that it can be easy to forget where we've come from - even in the time that I've been around the table. 

On Monday night, I was reminded of the significant amount of work that has gone in, comparing 2015's annual public meeting to the first that I attended in 2013. With half of the site due to be open by the end of this year, there are some great numbers from on-site. Some of my favourite were: 

  1. 9,952 slate tiles placed;
  2. 97,000 kilograms of limestone carved; and,
  3. 330,000 person hours worked. 

Make sure you check out the Time Lapse of the Arts Centre as well to check on the progress! 

5. And, a Liberal Sprinkling of Fun! 

July saw both a quick working getaway to Queenstown with one of my favourite people (as a teacher, she has reason to make the most of the school holidays!) and celebrating Ethan's birthday, over the course of last weekend. 

Queenstown was stunningly beautiful - as always - and Nicky and I made the most of warm fires, good wine and delicious cheese. 

Last weekend, we enjoyed the awesome hospitality of Baretta on Saturday night. Due to slightly over-investing in unreliable automobiles when he was younger, Ethan had never had the traditional 21st birthday; so we definitely made up for that a few years later! It was a wonderful weekend, and we were both blown away by the number of people who travelled to join in on the fun: thank you all! 


Onwards to August! 

Erin x 

Whoops! I've been a bit remiss...

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