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Joining up June's highlights....

Well, the feedback from a quick "top 5" last month was so overwhelmingly positive that I've decided to keep it up; thank you for the comments and messages! While I initially thought that once-monthly wasn't much, it comes around so quickly that, for the moment, I think it works rather well... 

Here's June's highlights, from my world - 

1. Joining the Institute of Directors 

While I signed up several months ago, June was the month that I was able to both attend the new members' lunch and head along to my first function - as a member! It was a great chance to chat about how to engage and excite young people within Canterbury to get involved in governance; and it's great to hear the enthusiasm to increase diversity that we presently see on boards. Definitely an area to watch moving forward - and an area with unprecedented opportunity, given the "Canterbury situation". 

2. Home & Family: Capital Fundraising Campaign

While some of you will have heard of Home & Family through Dancing With the Stars (#votechrystal!!!), this is an incredible local charity that I've been volunteering on the Capital Fundraising Committee for, over the past nine months. This is an incredibly exciting opportunity to create a home and headquarters for a special organisation - and we're well on the way to reaching the fundraising target of $2.9m. 

For me, this is a cause that really pulls on the heartstrings - Home & Family have been involved in historic legislature reform, and now work primarily to help families and children within Canterbury. For more information, check out http://www.homeandfamily.net.nz/our-house/

3. Andre Lovatt: 2015 Blake Leader 


I am incredibly privileged to work with some great organisations; but one of the absolutely outstanding organisations (and teams) that I spend some time with is the Arts Centre of Christchurch Trust Board. 

On Friday, 26th June, Andre Lovatt, the Chief Executive of the Arts Centre, was recognised with a Blake Leader Award, for his outstanding leadership and stewardship of the restoration of the Arts Centre. Leading the $290m heritage remediation project is no mean feat; and Andre is an incredible asset for the site, and for the city. 

There are a tonne of images that we could share and be proud of; but I think that the opportunity to hear from Andre himself (talking to Lynn Freeman, of RNZ), really sums it up... so click here, to hear more!

4. A Quick West Coast Getaway! 


Ethan and I were incredibly lucky to sneak away for a short break in the middle of winter, courtesy of a supportive workplace on his part and sympathetic schedules, for once. We also took Ellie with us, who thoroughly enjoyed exploring the West Coast; including (but not limited to) the wild beaches that she found! 

5. C-Lab: I'm on a sign!


Not really much more to say, other than - yeyah! My name is on a [sort of] door! Thanks Rob! 

(For those that don't know, I'm based in an exceptional co-working space, on the corner of St Asaph & Madras. It's called C-Lab, and I'd highly recommend it if your working from home is being hindered by cats / other!) 

June has been an incredible month, with a phenomenal amount of progress on a number of projects for me. I've also enjoyed taking some time to reflect on goals for the remainder of 2015; and thinking about what's next on the calendar. 

And - the wonderful news? We're past the shortest day, and only on the up from here! 

Keep warm & thanks for all of the ongoing support! 

Erin x 

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