Wondering what this is all about? I'm Erin; welcome to my little slice of the internet! 


Pre-earthquake, I planned to pack up my degrees, move cities and save the world... (whatever that looks like!).

It took some shaking of the earth to remind me that sometimes we need to start closer to home. 

So, I now help organisations climb to the next rung in the (often noisy + chaotic) playground, in which we operate. 

In my ‘day job’, I am the founder & creator of Narrative Campaigns: we're an all-inclusive strategic agency that works with socially conscious entrepreneurs and organisations to build communities that connect with purpose and tell stories with meaningful impact, to raise money and build awareness.

I also sit on a number of boards and organisations. Jump over here if you’re interested in more of the official stuff! 

I love meeting new people and I adore coffee. If you’re interested in collaborating, or just learning more, please get in touch - it would be great to hear from you!